Industrial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration

The efficiency of refrigeration systems plays an important role in functioning lots of industrial plants and, of course, larger companies. Clima Line Jarząbkowski Sompoliński specializes mainly in widely understood refrigeration industry, providing a very wide range of services. Our basic offer presenting mainly such services as:

  • Assembly, check-ups and repair of refrigeration appliances and ice water chillers,
  • Performance of designs of cold rooms and entire systems,
  • Implementation of designs of systems, which are realized taking benefit from the experience of our employees,
  • Implementation of specialized measurement tasks, including assessment of the effectiveness of industrial refrigeration systems and their energy efficiency

Our extensive experience in the industry translates into top-class services, which at the same time are carried out at competitive prices. In case of actions related to designing a cold store or entire refrigeration and ventilation systems, we consider all technological aspects, requirements of the use of an installation as well as individual needs of customers. Thanks to flexibility of our services for industrial refrigeration, we are able to tailor a system to specific needs and to design it in a way to operate safely, efficiently and to save energy.

During assembly works, all refrigeration systems are always performed by our experienced team of employees. We also have state-of-the-art equipment to meet even the most complex tasks, which of course also reduces the time required for assembly.

With regard to industrial refrigeration, one of the most important services are also professional service and periodical technical inspections. Services provided by Clima Line Jarząbkowski Sompoliński allow you to maintain full efficiency of a system as well as to react to all failures, which can lead to serious financial losses. Our service support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are also very professional in the field of comprehensive measurement. Carrying out an inspection of the existing cooling system, we can evaluate its effectiveness, check the most important technical parameters of appliances, analyse the ratio of efficiency to energy consumption, check the noise level, air flow rate or even pressure drops in different segments of the installation. Such inspections are always based on modern measuring equipment, which is characterized by high precision of operation. Correctly performed measurements will not only allow to evaluate the condition of a system, but they can become the first step to upgrade the entire system and match it to your current needs.