Repair of refrigeration appliances

Repair of refrigeration appliances

As a company with extensive experience in industrial refrigeration, CLIMA LINE, despite appliance, offers its clients service of refrigerating units. Upon signing an agreement, a comprehensive service is provided in Katowice 24 hours a day (also on Saturdays and Sundays), so our customers can be absolutely sure that in case of any defects they will be given appropriate assistance with repair of refrigeration equipment.

Service of refrigeration units – what does the service include?

Comprehensive service of refrigeration units includes, among others:

  • Control of an appliance,
  • Tightness control of the refrigeration system,
  • Detailed control of connection of the whole system,
  • Control and, if necessary, replacement of oil in a compressor of the refrigerant,
  • Control of a defrost system,
  • Check-up of a signalling apparatus,
  • Control of switches and relays,
  • Control of correctness of electrical connections,
  • Adjustment of machine parameters.

Service and repair of refrigerating units include all of the above-mentioned activities. This comprehensive service will allow you to capture and fix any malfunctions. It is worthy to mention that CLIMA LINE’s offer also includes assembly of refrigeration units and professional advice on the selection of machines. We recommend it!

What failures occur most often?

What can signal a fault and what is just a minor failure? What to pay attention at? What are their most frequent causes? First of all, it is important to remember that any possible defects can be prevented early enough. It is enough to carry out regular checks of technical condition of an appliance and its operation. A check-up will detect abnormalities in the operation of a given machine, allow to replace previously used parts, repair minor failures and help to keep appliances in good condition. Secondly, if you would like to order service of refrigeration units, you should choose a suitable and experienced company which provides also repair of equipment if it becomes necessary. The most common failures are: impeded flow or lack of water flow alarm, antifreeze alarm, too high temperatures of feedwater alarm, low refrigerant pressure alarm or high refrigerant pressure alarm. Each of these warnings may or may not be a herald of failure – sometimes it is enough to replace one of the parts to make the machine work properly. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to contact a service of refrigeration units that will check the condition of an appliance.

CLIMA LINE is a company offering service and repair of refrigeration equipment as well as air-conditioning service in Katowice. We are looking forward to presenting you our offer via e-mail or phone.