Air-conditioning service

Air-conditioning service

CLIMA LINE is not only a designer, manufacturer and installer of refrigeration systems such as industrial air-conditioning, but also a Company providing 24-hour service from Monday to Sunday. Each installation intended to maintain lower temperature in premises or facilities should be regularly checked for efficiency and overall technical condition. The check-up reveals the smallest failures, neglects, which in the near future could lead to larger, possibly difficult or even impossible to repair defects. Maintenance of appliance of the systems, replacing worn out components and cleaning such parts, whose contamination may lead to failure, is a guarantee of their proper functioning. Air-conditioning service provided by CLIMA-LINE based in Katowice invites customers to take advantage of their services in the city and surrounding areas.

How often should you service air-conditioning?

In order for the air-conditioning to function as long as possible, the service should be carried out as regularly as possible. It is a good practice to have a check minimum twice a year – during the autumn and winter as well as the spring and summer. If we use industrial air-conditioning, seasonal control of its efficiency is enough. However, if any defaults are found in its operation, it should immediately be reported to a professional and reliable service because unsuitable refrigeration system in industrial facilities is a serious threat to health of the occupants.

Standard air-conditioning service

CLIMA LINE’s service includes:

  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of an indoor unit, evaporator and condenser,
  • Cleaning air filters or possible replacement,
  • Checking electrical connections and parameters,
  • Tightness check and optional supplementing of the refrigerant,
  • Checking refrigeration protection,
  • Measurement and adjustment of pressures and temperatures,
  • Inspection of condensed vapour drainage system permeability.

What is more, customers who have chosen to sign a service contract with our company are provided with:

  • Constant care of the system
  • Fast, 24/7 service,
  • Prompt repair of refrigeration appliances,
  • Telephone counselling, providing guidance at a time when service personnel are not required,
  • Lower costs of services rendered.

When should you call a service?

There are several symptoms which indicate that the air-conditioning does not work properly. Rapid response to observed system defects can prevent faults that are difficult to be removed. What is worth noting? Here are some of the signs you should be sensitive to:

  • Spontaneous shutdown of the air-conditioning system,
  • The appliance does not turn on or turns on partly,
  • Loud operation that can signal fouling of a fan,
  • Bad operating parameters – the room is not as cool as we would expect it to be,
  • Loss of control over the device,
  • Smelly odours,
  • Obviously incorrect operation of refrigeration appliances.

As soon as any signs of poor air-conditioning operation are noticed, service is the only right choice. Specialists who are familiar with such systems will be able to repair refrigeration appliances, which will allow the system quickly return to its efficiency. Attempting to clean the elements of air-conditioning on your own can be as damaging as ignoring the necessity of servicing it regularly, therefore it is important to trust experienced CLIMA LINE’s service technicians. Do not hesitate to contact us if you live in the EU.