Assembly of air-conditioning 

Assembly of air-conditioning 

We carry out all works related to assembly of air-conditioning for both individual customers and companies. From a wide range of appliance, we select optimal solutions that are best suited to the customers’ requirements. We have a team of qualified employees with many years of experience in the industry, performing assembly of air-conditioning in apartments, detached houses, offices and industrial facilities. Although our company is based in Katowice, we provide services throughout EU.

What is air-conditioning?

Air-conditioning is the process of exchanging air in a room whose aim is to maintain specified climatic conditions, that is, the range of temperature and humidity level in which the person feels the most comfortable. Suitable conditions not only provide good mood, but also significantly increase performance of the body.

Considering the way of assembly, air-conditioners are divided into:

  • Split air-conditioners mounted on walls, which are most often used in air-conditioning of rooms and apartments and can be installed by fixing to the floor, hanging on the wall or fixing to the roof or chimney;
  • Cassette air-conditioners, designed for installation in suspended ceilings – most commonly used for air-conditioning of offices, restaurants, conference rooms, etc.;
  • Ducted air-conditioners, also dedicated for installation in ceilings, but with the need to construct and provide a supply duct.

Assembly of air-conditioning in  hotels and offices 

We offer professional installation of air-conditioning not only in the city of Katowice. The area of our business activity is the whole EU and we have carried out orders for clients from various regions. Installation of air-conditioners is a great proposal for customers who want to take care of their health. These are modern and fully functional devices that greatly increase comfort of life, guaranteeing moderate energy consumption in both older and recently built buildings.

Before commencement of installation of air-conditioners, we will accurately estimate, by means of specialized measurements, what are the refrigeration needs of an object. Only after a detailed analysis will we be able to propose the most effective appliances that will prove themselves under specific conditions.

The basic assembly of air-conditioning covers the following services:

  • Installation of indoor and outdoor units,
  • Assembly of Freon and control installations,
  • Tightness verification and vacuum in the system (if necessary supplementing the refrigerant),
  • Activation of air-conditioning,
  • Training for users on device operation.

Our company not only installs air-conditioning in Poland but throughout EU. We also provides warranty and post-warranty service of all equipment and systems that we sell and install. We also design air-conditioning, carry out inspection and maintenance of air-conditioning and ventilation systems of most manufacturers available on the EU market.