Industrial air-conditioning

Industrial air-conditioning

CLIMA LINE has been holding an important place among companies in Poland in the sector of refrigeration. Our services include, among other things, professional design of industrial air-conditioning and air-conditioning used in utility or residential buildings, including offices, shops and houses. Despite developing systems tailored to the needs of specific buildings or interiors, our company also offers assembly and regular servicing of systems, along with any possible repairs.

Air-conditioned interior – advantages

To begin with, it may be worth pointing out the difference between industrial air-conditioning and the one that is intended for use in utilitarian or residential areas. The latter is certainly known by each of us. They are refrigeration systems thanks to which working in the office may be more effective and the temperature in which we can shop comfortably is maintained in stores. Industrial air-conditioning differs significantly from it. Its function is not to cool sunlit places but to reduce extremely high temperatures that pose a threat to health or life in steelworks, foundries or rolling mills. For that reason, we have to take into account this distinction when talking about the advantages of air-conditioned interiors.

Advantages of air-conditioning in offices and houses:

  • Cool interior of a house or office on hot days,
  • Adjustable temperature to meet the needs of the household, in offices maintained at the optimal level of 20-25°C, felt as the most comfortable,
  • The air systematically cleaned of dust and bacteria,
  • Adequate humidity in the room.

Advantages of industrial air-conditioning:

  • Safety for workers in steelworks, foundries or rolling mills,
  • Comfort of workers forced to perform their duties in rooms where the temperature exceeds the standard values,
  • Maintaining conditions necessary to keep the stability of industrial processes concerned.

Solving the problem of too high temperatures using air-conditioning systems is the most appropriate way to proceed if you care for your own health and the health of your workers who are exposed to work at too high temperature. Installing an air-conditioning system, which is suitable for the nature and needs of a facility, will have a positive impact on the health of employees (also by removing harmful bacteria and pollutants from the air) and will also increase their efficiency.