Air handling units

Air handling units

As a company specializing in drawing up technical designs, selection of appliances and installation of ventilation systems for individual customers and companies, mainly from the area of Katowice, we offer comprehensive service in this area. The clients can rely not only on a professionally developed concept, but also its implementation, i.e. full commissioning. Properly designed and operating ventilation is the solution thanks to which air in a particular room is continuously cleaned of dust, dirt, chemicals, carbon dioxide, water vapour and other harmful chemical species. At the same time – for better comfort – it should also be adequately moisturized, cooled or heated. Today, you do not have to use only gravity ventilation. Customers have a wide choice of mechanical ventilation options. One of the elements are air handling units that are extremely important in ventilation systems.

Selection, installation and service of air handling units

Air handling units play a very important role in mechanical ventilation systems. Their aim is to ensure exchange and treatment of the air distributed by the system in a building or in its part. Each ventilation unit consists of such basic components as fans, air filters and air heaters or air coolers.

Air handling units are often referred to as air-conditioning units, as they usually involve more complex air treatment, such as dehumidification or humidification.
Our offer includes professional selection, installation and servicing of air handling units for customers from Katowice and surrounding areas. Our employees have vital knowledge in the topic of construction and operation of appliances and systems offered by the company.

Air handling units are used in ventilations systems for single family houses. They are also an essential element of industrial ventilation that is used in small service buildings, large office buildings, commercial, manufacturing or industrial facilities. Depending on their use and technical parameters, they may have a very different structure, sometimes very complex. The quality of individual components is also equally important as it affects the efficiency of operation of air handling units, produced noise and reliability. Air handling units are used in industrial ventilation and they are the appliances that do not require manual handling. Usually, they are programmed and can be remotely controlled.

Division and structure of air handling units

Air handling units – due to its use, technical parameters and structure can be divided into:

  • Standard,
  • With unusual dimensions and configurations.

The most popular and most commonly installed air handling units are those with medium and high efficiency. They can be installed outside (on the roof) or inside the facility (in special steering engine rooms). The air handling units are also the appliances that are suitable for vertical or horizontal installation and can be used as suspended air handling units. In the latter case, they are mounted in suspended ceilings.
Air handling units, depending on their purpose, may be equipped with such sequences as:

  • Fan – fans are the basic elements of air handling units, may have different parameters,
  • Responsible for filtration – these are filters that remove impurities from the air,
  • Heating – for this purpose water heaters (glycol), electric, gas or oil heating modules are used,
  • Cooling – this function is attributed to water coolers, Freon coolers or ice water generators. They are also often used for drying,
  • Humidification – responsible for providing adequate amount of moisture in the air,
  • Responsible for soundproofing – installing dampers makes ventilation systems work much quieter,
  • Responsible for heat recovery – this is possible with recirculation, regeneration using rotary heat exchangers, recuperators that recover sensible heat in a plate heat exchanger, systems with heat compressor pump (the bottom heat source is air removed from the room and the upper – the supplied air), reversing systems with solar collectors or ground exchangers.

Why is it worth to use air handling units?

Industrial ventilation as well as one that is used in single-family buildings provides comfort in everyday life and at work. We offer different solutions for customers from Katowice and other places in Poland – adequate to a place of installation. A similar situation applies to air handling units that have many advantages. Among them, we highlight:

  • Simple installation,
  • Self-operating, remote operation,
  • Efficient and quiet fans,
  • Quiet operation of the whole appliance,
  • Protecting heat exchangers from freezing,
  • Various degrees of airflow adjustment,
  • Different temperature adjustment of heated air,
  • Heat energy conservation.

We guarantee professional assistance and technical advice on fitting both ventilation systems and air handling units to individual and company clients from Katowice and other places in Poland.