Assembly of refrigerating units

Assembly of refrigerating units

Originating from a good manufacturer and having properly adjusted parameters is not enough for the refrigerating unit to operate properly and properly perform its cooling function, as well as to control its moisture level. Proper assembly is equally important here. That is why our company, CLIMA-LINE, which is one of the most commonly selected companies in the refrigeration industry in Katowice, despite appliances, offers also assembly of refrigerating units.

How to properly select and install refrigeration appliances?

Choosing the right refrigeration appliance is not an easy task. One needs to start with his or her own expectations about an appliance and plan a location for it. This is particularly important because proper assembly of refrigerating units can be significantly impeded due to mismatching sizes of a machine to the size of a room. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the device and re-mount it at the destination – then it is advisable to opt for a refrigerating unit that has been designed to facilitate disassembly. The space provided for an appliance should be large enough for the specialist to easily connect the whole refrigeration system. The process of assembly of refrigeration units will be carried out smoothly and efficiently if it is done by experienced staff familiar with industrial refrigeration. For this reason, it is important to trust highly qualified CLIMA-LINE staff, who carries out installation of appliances and offers also service and repair of refrigerating units in Katowice and the surrounding area. If you are interested in service, please visit the Service tab.

Refrigeration – Katowice

CLIMA LINE is a company that has been operating in the industrial refrigeration industry for many years. A great deal of experience gained has resulted in continued improvement of the ability to provide solutions tailored to each individual customer’s needs – in line with modern solutions emerging on the market. The company uses only state-of-the-art technology to ensure that its quality of service is very high. In case of any problems linked to selecting a refrigeration appliance for a room, a hall, a cold room or a freezing room, CLIMA-LINE serves you with professional advice and assistance during your purchases. Thanks to the support of the company’s employees, you will surely be able to choose a device suitable for your space and its subsequent purpose.