Designing ventilation systems

Designing ventilation systems

Besides installation of air-conditioning, the specialization of our company is professional designing of ventilation systems. We have our own design office and a team of highly qualified specialists who prepare projects needed to apply in all governmental institutions. Although our company is based in Katowice, we serve customers throughout Silesia.

A design of a ventilation system – what does it comprise of?

A design of a ventilation system is documentation which consists of two basic parts:

  • The first part is a descriptive section indicating how the system will look like, what equipment will be used, etc.;
  • The second part consists of drawings intended to illustrate the ventilation system illustrated on each storey of the building (its detailed route, diameters of ventilation ducts, distance, location of the recuperator, etc.);
  • The third part contains information about elements of the ventilation system used in the project.

A customer who uses our service receives a complete project that is then re-discussed and adapted to his or her individual needs and expectations. Of course, designing industrial ventilation systems and designing ventilation for a single family house is different. In every case we make our best to ensure that the ventilation is designed on the basis of professional knowledge, taking into account such solutions that will ensure the most efficient operation of the whole system with the lowest cost of the system.

The components of a ventilation system are:

  • Ventilation appliances (fans or handling units) that are selected according to conceptual design based on applicable regulations and knowledge in the field of designing ventilation systems,
  • Channels providing fresh and/or removing air such as angle joints, T-connectors, rolled pipes fitted with appropriate gaskets to increase efficiency of the system,
  • Coverings of the ventilation system in the form of air inlet vents, valves, anemostats, etc.

Many years of experience and professionalism

Our company, conveniently located in Katowice, has many years of experience in designing ventilation systems. What is more, this expertise is grounded in a very good knowledge of a product process of various components of a ventilation system.

We have a team of engineers who design ventilation systems based on technical knowledge, regulations and Polish Standards. The designers have adequate qualification and belong to the Polish Chamber of Construction.

For our customers we draw up designs of:

  • Mechanical ventilation,
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (i.e. recuperation),
  • Air-conditioning.

Although our company is based in Katowice, we provide services throughout Silesia. A professionally designed project is the basis for proper performance of a reliable and efficient ventilation system.