Designing air-conditioning

Designing air-conditioning

CLIMA LINE offers a wide range of refrigeration services, such as sanitary, gas, technological and other systems. Our services also include designing of air-conditioning – the systems adapted to the needs of objects and individual expectations of a customer. Apart from performing and implementing designs of the systems, the company also specializes in their assembly and servicing.

What should be considered when designing an air-conditioning system?

CLIMA LINE has many years of experience in providing services of air-conditioning in various types of facilities: commercial, service, office, residential, hotel, hospital, sports and recreational facilities, logistic, industrial and storage facilities. The enormous amount of work carried out has resulted in an excellent understanding of the standards and requirements that are to be expected when designing a refrigeration system for any of such buildings. What exactly should be considered? Here is a short list:

  1. Knowing what kind of object is the air-conditioning system designed for, it is necessary to clearly define its most important features. It is clear that industrial air-conditioning will not be good for an office and the air-conditioning system designed to shops will not be appropriate for a steelworks or a factory. It is also worth to consider whether the system is to cover the entire space within the building, or only some of its parts, or only selected rooms.
  2. Knowing basic assumptions, work on the concept of a system design can be commenced. It will then be necessary to perform calculations of efficiency of the system, taking into account its demand for cooling capacity and considering thermal load of the sphere or the building.
  3. The next steps refer to finding out more about technical possibilities of installation and availability of the place where the system is to be assembled.
  4. The final stage is the selection of such appliances and type of installation that will ensure an optimal operating mode for the whole system.

The professionalism of CLIMA LINE goes hand in hand with customers’ satisfaction

Skilled, based on many years of experience, designing air-conditioning systems is not the only thing CLIMA LINE offers. The team responsible for creating a design of a system provides author’s supervision over its implementation during construction as well as service support available 24/7. As a result, customers can be sure that everything is buttoned up and in case of any faults a finished system will be under professional guidance. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in ordering our services.