Freezing / Cold Rooms / Clean Rooms

Freezing / Cold Rooms / Clean Rooms

Industrial refrigeration is a branch in which we have been operating for many years, serving customers from Poland and other parts of Europe. Our offer includes comprehensive construction of cold rooms and freezing rooms.

First, on the basis of thermal balance of the room, i.e. total heat gains brought to the room from the outside (e.g. heat gains flowing through partitions, heat gains flowing from the ground) and those generated inside the room (e.g. from working machines, people, cooled goods), we are able to estimate the required cooling capacity.
Then, we can modify the assumed insulation of partitions according to a customer’s needs in order to reduce heat gains from the surrounding of the room, which leads to less energy consumption needed to “cool” the room.

Division of rooms and type of door

It is known that because of the stored products, freezing rooms and cold rooms cannot be made of flavouring construction materials as well as those that can cause rotting. It is also important to choose the right insulation material that will affect the quality of the products stored.

Depending on the temperature maintained, the freezing rooms may be divided into:

  • Freezing rooms – the temperature range is below 0°C (-5 to -25 degrees C), wall thickness is usually min. 120 mm [K = 0.2 W/m2K]
  • Cold rooms – the temperature range is above 0°C (0 to 10 degrees C), wall thickness is usually min. 80 mm [K=0.2 W/m2K]
  • Deep-freezing rooms – the temperature is approx. -30 degrees C, wall thickness is min. 160 mm [K=0.16 W/m2K]
  • Rooms with controlled atmosphere (gastight).

Cold rooms and freezing rooms broken down by structure are as follows:

  • Rooms assembled of sectional slabs made of polyurethane or polystyrene (modular) – for example like in Clean Rooms,
  • Rooms assembled entirely of slabs / panels made of polyurethane or polystyrene (traditional),
  • Masonry rooms – freestanding or embedded.

The selection of cold rooms and freezing rooms is tailored to a customer’s needs. Different doors for cold rooms can be selected: sliding or revolving; single or double door. They are made of various materials such as chrome and nickel, stainless steel or aluminium. Their thickness depends on the temperature in the room and may range from 8 to 12 cm. The door is covered with a removable rubber gasket on the circumference.

Compromise between adequate insulation and cooling capacity

When designing a cold room or clean room, our designers always strive to compromise between adequate insulation and required cooling capacity, so that the cost of a system is the most advantageous due to investment and operational requirements. Polyurethane foam and polystyrene are most often used for thermal insulation in refrigeration.
A design of a cold room is always carried out taking into consideration extreme weather conditions so that the system works properly throughout the year, even on the hottest days.

Proper selection of operating parameters is a very important issue in order to maximize the protection of cooled goods or surfaces, which leads to reduction of possible losses of goods caused by errors during a design phase.

Cold rooms, freezing rooms and especially Clean Rooms manufactured by our company are aesthetic and elegant. They can be adapted to different architectural stylizations. Acquiring one of our cold rooms or freezing rooms, a customer also receives appropriate certificates and approvals.

Industrial refrigeration  – wide range of applications

Industrial refrigeration products – cold rooms, clean rooms and freezing rooms are used in a number of branches, such as:

  • Meat processing
  • Food storage
  • Maturing of cheeses
  • Specialist rooms for long-term storage of fruits (e.g. ULO rooms)
  • Clean rooms for automotive industry
  • Medicine
  • Military

Thanks to our long-standing business activity in refrigeration industry and experienced engineering team, our company is able to meet the toughest challenges – from design to construction. We are looking forward to cooperating with customers from Poland other locations in Europe.

Refrigeration systems – industrial and commercial

In our portfolio you can find also automation for cold rooms,clean rooms such as:

  • Automation controlling the operation of refrigeration system,
  • Control and measurement automation of operation of a clean room (e.g. gas sensors, alarm systems, monitoring).

Our company also provides assembly services in the area of refrigeration systems. Our service is comprehensive – we make refrigeration systems from design to the selection of suitable refrigeration appliances.

We can also offer refrigeration systems service in the city of Katowice and in the surrounding area. Our company is characterized by an individual approach to each customer, a wide range of products covering all types of industry and many years of experience in manufacturing and commercial refrigeration industry.