Industrial ventilation

Industrial ventilation

One of our proposals dedicated to manufacturing plants, factories, etc. and entities operating in Katowice is industrial ventilation tailored to specific needs of each customer. Our specialization is not only assembly, but also designing ventilation systems. With properly selected systems, it is possible to accurately and precisely control the temperature and the level of humidity in a given room.

Industrial objects are characterized by a great diversity of needs and technologies, therefore ventilation systems in such facilities require individually customized solutions.

The job of stays in industrial halls is to remove and dilute pollutants in the air and to improve the comfort of the staff. The pollutants should be removed as close as possible to the place of their emission. Using industrial mechanical ventilation that, unlike natural air extraction system, is capable of effectively removal of pollutants which are harmful and dangerous to humans.

Pollutants introduced into the air during technological processes can be a real threat to human health, and also affect the machinery itself. Choosing the right system helps to quickly and easily solve such problems.

Installing a ventilation system helps to quickly and easily solve such problems.

Solutions for industrial ventilation

Air handling units mean much better quality of air in buildings. To construct this type of system in industrial facilities you can use duct systems and equipment, such as: heating and ventilation units, air handling units and roof fans. With modern technology, it is easier and cheaper to provide better quality of air while saving energy.

Mechanical ventilation systems that may be used in industrial facilities :

  • General supply and exhaust ventilation (mixing or displacement),
  • Zonal supply and exhaust ventilation,
  • Local exhaust ventilation (local exhausts).

Air handling units and industrial ventilation systems offered by our company can also be installed outdoors to avoid taking valuable space inside the facilities. The region of our business activity is mostly Katowice and Silesia, but we provide assembly and service for clients throughout Poland.

Air handling units and ventilation systems – comprehensive services

Ventilation of industrial facilities often requires specialized solutions that can only be provided by professional systems.

Our offer for customers from Katowice and Silesia comprises:

  • Professional advice in selecting the best solutions,
  • Professionally prepared technical and design documentation of industrial ventilation.

We offer industrial ventilation systems that remove impurities with the option of regulating temperature, humidity and pressure parameters that can be used in production halls and other specialized areas.

We also provide comprehensive installation of air handling units and ventilation systems together with supply of equipment and materials to all customers in Katowice and surrounding areas. We also guarantee warranty and post-warranty service of the system and the air handling units.

The industrial ventilation we offer is tailored to individual requirements (dimensions, etc.) of buildings.