Our offer in the area of industrial refrigeration, implemented for customers from Poland and other locations in whole Europe includes:

  • Service of refrigeration appliances and systems 24h/7days a week

Our specialists are available 24 hours a day, so that in the event of a sudden failure of refrigeration systems we are able to react quickly to ensure safety of technological processes in industrial plants, or to prevent deterioration of food products.
Our company from Katowice offers service contracts tailored to a customer’s individual needs.

  • Assembly, service and repair of refrigerating units and ice water chillers

Specializing in industrial refrigeration services, we offer assembly of refrigerating units and service inspections covering all steps needed to properly determine the state of refrigeration equipment that will keep both refrigerating units and entire refrigeration systems in good condition.

At your request, we are able to prepare a comprehensive quotation, according to which the repair of refrigeration appliances (refrigerating units and ice water chillers) will take place if any failures of proper operation are detected. This is an offer of industrial refrigeration services dedicated to customers from cities such as Katowice.

  • Assembly and design of refrigeration systems

The repair of refrigerating units is not the only service that our company offers. We deal with assembly of a full range of refrigeration systems, starting from a design, ending up with selecting refrigeration appliances and fittings along with their control. As far as refrigeration systems are concerned, we are able to meet even the most demanding customers’ needs, even in case of complicated technological processes.

  • Assembly of cold rooms and freezing rooms

Our offer includes comprehensive construction of cold rooms and freezing rooms, from heat balance of a room, to selecting suitable components and complete assembly. Cold rooms and freezing rooms are designed to make the system highly effective.

  • Measurement of energy efficiency of refrigeration appliances

Industrial refrigeration is not just assembly and service of appliances. As part of the services, we carry out specialized measurements that enable us to assess the energy efficiency of refrigeration and air-conditioning appliances. Such measurements are required in energy performance of a building and have to be carried out once every 5 years. The region of our business activity is usually Katowice and Silesia but in fact we operate throughout Poland.

After compilation of the measurements results, we are able to offer you the best solutions to increase energy efficiency of an appliance as well as to prepare a comprehensive quotation for its implementation at your request. Proper air-conditioning and professionally installed refrigeration systems (maintaining appropriate parameters of temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality) in offices and production halls increase the comfort of work.

As a company whose main specialization is industrial refrigeration, we are able to offer you professional technical advice in the area of refrigeration systems and supervision over the works carried out by engineers.

Our team consists of highly qualified engineering staff and a group of specialized service technicians who are on standby to provide services for you. Cold rooms and freezing rooms ordered at our company is a good investment for many years. For us, as a company, designing, assembly, repair and maintenance of refrigeration systems and other refrigerating units will not be a problem.